Qualified Translator English to Arabic in Dubai

Translator English to Arabic in Dubai: Career Highlights

  • worked as a freelancer in translation English to Arabic jobs for many of the top notch organizations and corporations in Dubai. 
  • a senior translator English to Arabic in Dubai and copywriter;
  • have a master’s degree in translation and interpretation from AUS (American University of Sharjah), & bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • garnered 15-year experience in English Arabic translation and copywriting (texts and contents written for advertising or marketing purposes)
  • received many prizes as a translator English to Arabic in Dubai like the international Burda poetry award
  • competed for many poetry TV reality shows and contests like the Prince of Poets (أمير الشعراء) and the Poet of Arabs (شاعر العرب)
  • interviewed many times by many like Abu Dhabi TV, Decision Maker.

Translator English to Arabic in Dubai as a Freelancer 

For many reasons you may opt to work as a freelancer doring translation English to Arabic. 

Signicant advantages of working as a freelancer include: 

  • You don't have to have a boss
  • You don't have to commute every day home-job-home
  • You have plenty of choices to organize your day 
  • You can be selective and picky with regard to your clients and translation English to Arabic projects you accept. 
  • You have more freedom to be creative and transcreative in translation English to Arabic. 

On the other hand, there are few disadvantages for working as a freelancer in Translation English to Arabic industry. 

These include: 

  • Uncertain payments which means losses in effort and time 
  • Fierce competition which requires extra work and other activities like advertising 
  • Unrealistic deadlines 

However, in English to Arabic translation career, you will find many benefit. It can be a lucrative business. 

English to Arabic Translation and Certification 

Education for translator's career is important, but there is something more important and it can be alone a sucess factor. 

It is called Experience. 

Try to accumulate as many years of experience as you can for different types of translation types.

These years are your guarantee for a successful career. 

It would be better to have a translation certificate like a diploma, a bachelor or a master degree from a reputable university or institution. 

Your certificate may help you in giving more assurances to your prospects that you are an academically recognized translator. 

It can be an added value and a competitive edge when you apply for certain English to Arabic translation jobs, especially with translation requesters who seek such assurances. 

Working as a Translator English to Arabic in Dubai and Technology 

You will need qualities and abilities that are not related to language, in addition to those which are related to it. 

You see that the world has changed, so every profession and every professional is hit with this change. 

You have to be tech savy in order to harness the power of technology so you can save time and effort in performing your translations from English to Arabic. 

Benefits of Technology 

There are many: 

  • Save time and cost
  • Improve translation project management 
  • Reduce effort required to finish a translation job 

Being a translator means you have to daily face the computer.

You can make it your friend by mastering some programs that you may need to finish your translation from time to time. 

You will find that it is not a choice to be skilled in dealing with computers and programs. 

The Translator English to Arabic in Dubai and Self-employemnt 

You will find out that you need many skills other than those of translators to get tranlsation jobs and to get them done. 

Sales and marketing skills are significant for a sucessful freelancer in English to Arabic translation market. 

From Translation to Transcreation

To translate from English to Arabic is to move your English source text to Arabic text (target text).

Usually, when you translate, you are required to be faithful to many aspects of the original text. 

This includes syntactic and semantic features. That is to say you have to stick to the equivalence in vocabulary and meanings. 

But when you are asked to communicate effectively. Such aspects in translation English to Arabic may form an obstacle to the communicative purpose. 

Therefore in transcreation, you tend to focus on the communicative clues instead of syntactic and semantic features of the source text. 

In transcreation, you tend to be an advocate of the communicative effectiveness in the target lanugage and culture. 

This is especially signficant when you deal with marketing collaterals. You have to translate efficiently slogans and brands. 

What is important here is to communicate the best of the business advantages in the target language. Source language text provides guideliness. 

It is no more that the source text is the king. 

Transcreation includes translation with much more freedom as well as creating content. 

You have to write while understanding such differences in languistic structures between the source and target languages. 

Skills signficant here are those related to writing from scratch. 

Due to the wide linguistic gaps between English and Arabic, you have to go as far as you could to serve the needs of target audience. 

For them to understand is a prime goal. It is not duty to be faitful. Rather, you have to be effective. 

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