Finding English Arabic translation services in Dubai can be tricky indeed.

But you have to. 

It is High Time You Translated Your Business. 

Let's be frank about it. Not every English Arabic translator is a competent translator, just as not every actor is Robert De Niro.

So before you entrust your translation (which means your image and your reputation) to any translation agency, it's your duty to choose wisely from all those translation services in Dubai.

You've just entered Dubai business market in particular or in the UAE business market in general.

You most probably have your business communication (marketing collaterals, websites, presentations, branding materials, etc…) in English.

Now, you need these materials to be into Arabic in a manner that is consistent with the new culture of your new business destination.

Here you need an English Arabic translation service agency in Dubai that can help you in this task. A good translation service can become your partner, create new opportunities for you and open new horizons for your business.

The question is how do you choose a good translation company from these translation service providers available in hundreds in Dubai alone?



A friend in need…

An easy way you can go is that you ask for recommendation. A friend who has an experience with some English Arabic translation service company will refer you to an English Arabic freelance translator. He may recommend an English Arabic translation office.

By this, you even need not consult Google and go through the hassle of choosing from their crowded list.

Of course, that would the case if you trust your friend’s experience.

If you don’t or you know no one like this good friend, you are on your own in this sea of translation agencies.  How to go about it? Easy… Stay with me.

You need to consider many aspects related to your decision making process to arrive at the best corporate or individual English Arabic translation service provider.

Our Uncle Google not his son Google Translate

Your first resort will be Google search. I suppose …

You may write in Google search page a phrase like ‘English Arabic translation’, or ‘English Arabic translation service’, or ‘translation service in Dubai’ or ‘English Arabic translation’, or ‘translation service in Dubai’, etc…

And click and here we are.

You have Google’s search engine result page (SERP) full of translation offices and agencies. The question is which one of these translation services to choose.

Translation Agency Online Presence

You will click on some of these results, and you will scan some landing pages of the websites of few translation companies.

You hope that you will find their translation pitch convincing to shot them an email or a give them a call.

Hint: some of these translation websites are not but translation service brokers that know nothing about English Arabic translation.

They act as a bridge between you and translators. They will charge you for their brokerage efforts over and above the translator’s fees.

These translation agencies may have everything you expect in a business (call center, sales team, marketing team) except translators. Believe it or not! That is the case with most of the so-called translation companies around the corner.

Contact the chosen English Arabic translation company

Once you have pre-selected the four or five translation agencies you like best, give them a call or write each of them a short e-mail inquiring about their services and see how they reply.

Translation test

Off course, you can choose three or four translation companies and ask them whether they would be able to translate a snippet of your text.

Most of the translation service agencies in Dubai will welcome your suggestion. Some might not.

The quality of the translated text will give you an indication with regard to the quality of the whole translation job.

No need to say that you make such suggestion when you have a large volume translation project. Suggest a test and choose the best.



Translation qualifications and experience

You will need to check the background of the translation agency which will handle your translation from English to Arabic or Arabic to English.

Such check may include asking for qualifications of the translators who will handle your translation project.

Experience backed by academic qualification is one sign that you will get a better translation service.


Dubai Qualified Translator


Translation Criteria to Consider

Some factors to consider when you settle for the chosen translation partner:

  • Pricing list and breakdown
  • Deadline (allowances if expected)
  • Translators’ qualifications
  • Response time (to your call or email)
  • Politeness
  • Simplicity and conciseness of communication (easy to understand)
  • Fees and deadline
  • Keenness on understanding your needs
  • Licenses and certificates
  • After-sale service (handling your feedback)​​

Wish you good luck with your translation job. 

PS. These are few tips about how to choose your translator in Dubai. I will keep developing this article so it will provide you with answers to your queries on translation and translation agencies in Dubai. 

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