translation English to Arabic Dubai

Translation English to Arabic in Dubai can be done through many translation agencies and offices operating in Dubai, UAE.

It is not an exaggeration to say that there are hundreds of english to arabic translation offices and companies in Dubai.

It is the job of those who have no other jobs.



Why is that?

As you know, everybody in Dubai knows English and Arabic. So anybody can translate.


They can translate but what kind of translation english to Arabic they would give you.


Or let’s say trashlation.

Yes, I am a translator and would like to have your translation jobs entrusted to me. And I would say simply go to my contact page and ask for English Arabic translation services in Dubai with your instructions to start our long term relationship.

Anyway, if you choose to do so, you are most welcome.

But I also would like to give you an advice on how to choose your translation partner.

So, why is the chaotic status of translation market in Dubai?

What encourages this state of chaos in English to Arabic translation in Dubai can be attributed to many factors.

Because english to Arabic translation market is still not fully regulated despite many attempts to do so.

Finding the right English to Arabic translation service in Dubai

So the problem is how to find out if the English to Arabic translation in Dubai you have chosen is the best you can find.

What I recommend for your English to Arabic translation in Dubai is to contact the translation office asking about their qualifications and licenses.

You may ask what should I be looking for when I search for an English to Arabic translation services in Dubai.

English to Arabic translation qualifications

If you have an English to Arabic translation job, you may think that your are looking for someone who is proficient in both languages. Right?


You are looking for an English Arabic translator who is qualified in translation.

Bilinguals can say they translate and they will translate, but for your assurance, you are not looking for a bilingual.  

Every English to Arabic translator is a bilingual, but not every bilingual is an english to Arabic translator.

Why is that?

Because to do a good translation requires more than knowledge of both languages.

It is a profession that goes beyond languages, to working between languages.

Many linguistics universities give certificates in translation from English to Arabic, like bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.

My answer is to look for the qualifications held by their  english to Arabic translators.

Also you may need to know how expert their English to Arabic translators in Dubai, UAE.

How can you find out?

You will give them a call asking for features of their english to Arabic translation services, their full-time translators working in-house in their Dubai office.

Charges for English to Arabic translation service in Dubai

Of course, you will need to ask for how much they charge for English to Arabic translation service.

Prices are usually are charged as per pages, working hours, or more commonly as per words.

For a page of 250 words, you would find a range of fees as wide as AED 30 – 120.

Believe it?

You may contact me with the specifics of your translation English to Arabic to have a better idea about your translation needs. 

Your best choice for English Arabic translation services in Dubai