Legal Translation Services in Dubai



You need legal translation services in Dubai to translate documents that need a legal stamp from the translator.

This translator should be a sworn translator in order to be able to provide you with legal translation services in Dubai.

An example of this case is when you need to present a certificate of birth, a contract,

a licensing agreement, a franchise agreement, to some government departments.

Legal translation services in Dubai: How to choose?

There are many translation companies, offices, and agencies that provide legal translation services in Dubai.

You can drop your query in the google search.

Click and you have a long list of legal translation services in Dubai.

To save your time in sorting out the long list, you can drop me an email through my contact page,

asking for legal translation services in Dubai I will get to you with your best solutions for your documents.

Some of these provide full translation services one of them is legal translations.

Documents for legal translation services in Dubai

  • Certificates
  • Contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Memoranda of association
  • Memoranda of corporation
  • Licenses (professional and  otherwise)
  • Judgements and court decrees

Legal translation: What is so special?

To do legal translation, a translator needs to have special knowledge, skills and experience.

Out of my 15 years of translation experience in Dubai, I’ve spent 8 years in legal translation services in Dubai.

You can say that I have translated every document you can think of. And many copies of the same document.

Even I internalize the language of these types of document, in Arabic and English.

Even it  becomes second nature for me to translate legal documents, contracts, agreements.

I have developed the skill and the speed that you rarely can find anywhere else in Dubai.

This is not bragging.

Don’t take my word for it.

You can just give me a call or drop me an email. And you will be amazed. Seriously. Not kidding.


Difficulties in legal translation

Translators in Dubai know that legal translation is a hard task to do.

Why is that? you may be asking now.

It is the kind of language used in legal documents that make them not easy to translate well between languages.

Legal speak is different from our ordinary speak.

And for the translator to know such nuances of language, she has to have translated hundreds if not thousands of legal documents.

This is what I did throughout years.

One reason for difficulty is that legal language is tied to legal systems.

So you have an original text in English language that is linked to the English legal system,

and you need to transfer this to a source text in Arabic language that is linked to the Arabic legal system.

Another reason, is that legal translation needs the utmost of care and diligence.

Why is that?

Because one single small mistake can cause you much trouble.

You miss to translate ‘not’ in a sentence, and you have the opposite meaning of what the original text intends.

This is a huge mistake, though it seems tiny.

Yes, legal translation is a type of technical language.

But it differs from other classes of technical translation.

How? You may be asking.

Other technical translations tend to be universal. An example: scientific language and terminology tend to be general and common between languages.

But legal language is another different case.

A legal language is tied to its legal system that created such language.

It is true that law as a concept is universal, but the language expressing law is not.

Different societies have different legal systems that are unique to them.

Different societies have different cultural, linguistic, and social norms.

Hence, you may find a wide gap between two communities, and the languages they use.

Another difficulty is the lack of linguistic equivalent between languages.

For example, you could come across a term that you will not find an equivalence for in the target language.

Many legal translation services in Dubai are not aware of these facts and these difficulties.

English Arabic Legal translation: Special case of difficulty

When you translate your document between two different legal systems and languages, you have to be careful and aware of what your translator can do wrongly.

There are so many differences between English and Arabic when it comes to translation.

These differences become obvious when you are talking about legal translation.

To save yourself troubles and difficulties that you may be caused by legal translation,

you may drop me an email or call me to have your legal translation service at its best.