Looking for English Arabic translation services in Dubai that is both qualfiied and experienced?

Then you have it right before your eyes. 

In translation, strange things happen. One could become three. Wonder how?

How does the sentence ‘The word ‘I’ has one letter,’ translate into Arabic?

This way ‘أنا كلمة من ثلاثة أحرف’.

For an example, Nokia, the giant in the corporate world (as it used to be) has a mobile phone named Lumia.

The word translates in Spanish as, lol and behold, prostitute. 

They should have done their homework beforehand. Right? 

There is this wide misconception that human translators are no better than Google translate,

the most infamous competitor of translators worldwide.

I can tell you that Google translate is the sure-fire destination for those who want to have a business disaster free.

You would never know why Google translate would act this way. It seems that it is not even race neutral.

Those who are familiar with English Arabic translation services in Dubai know many examples and evidences of these disasters caused by google translate.

Consult Google for the business disasters that his son Google translate has caused to organizations and companies in Dubai or otherwise.

And google will tell you about how awful his son can be.

So when giving a copy or a text to translate, a client expects your translation to be ready by a click of a button.

That is not true, not even for a three word English to Arabic translation. Try google translate and you will find out why I am saying this.

English to Arabic Translation is a dilemma

In translation, you keep moving and you never stand still in once place. You have to lean towards one of the two poles, target or source, writer or reader.

The conventional wisdom in the English Arabic translation services goes that anybody with a two languages can translate.

To be bilingual is no guarantee for a profession as a translator. To be a translator requires more, and more.

You have to have good writing skills to give a decent translation.

English Arabic translation serivces in Dubai

When it comes to translating between Arabic and English in Dubai or anywhere in the world, the job is not easier.

This in particular requires you to be qualified and trained in both languages.

Trust your English Arabic translation services to a qualified and trained translator.

If you want to be minimal in requirements, at least a translator should be well acquainted with linguistics constructs of both languages.

This is in order to give you English Arabic translation worthy of your money.

Simply, in English this is the most dominant structure of a sentence in English, subject+ verb+ complement. While in Arabic, the most dominant one gives Verb the first place.

Wonder why Arabic writings these days are filled with sentences starting with subjects.

Where do difficulties in English Arabic translation come from? Any copy or text is a representation of ideas and concepts.

Each language has a different way of expressing these ideas than others. So Arabic uses different tools of expression than English.

This is why translators who do English Arabic translation should have some rewriting skills to cope with these differences.

Otherwise, an English Arabic translator would fall in the trap of what is called ‘translationese’.

This word means writing in the target language using linguistic constructs of the source language.

English Arabic translation industry are filled with texts and copies where you can easily identified translationese traps where English Arabic translators fall.

In English Arabic translation, translators have to do more rewriting than in any other pairs, I assume.

Unless this is done, your copy or text would sound strange to Arabic.

If you ask someone to read it, he would probably say ‘It sounds like translation’.

Of course, this is not a word of praise. Have your English Arabic translation project translated without sounding as translation.